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                返回顶部 阀杆设计 防火设计 注脂装置 主要材质 基本设计


                固定式球阀都带有浮动阀座,受介质压力后,阀座产生々移动,使密封圈紧压在球体上, 以保证♀密封。通常在与球体的上、下轴□上装有轴承,操作扭距小,适用于高压和大口径的阀门。

                Fixed ball valve with floating seat medium pressure, seat movement, seal pressed in on the ball,to ensure the sealed. Usually in the sphere of the upper and lower shaft with bearings, smalloperation twist, suitable for high pressure and large diameter valves.


                阀杆上装有弹簧接地塞钉,使球、阀⌒ 杆与阀体之间相接触,形成导通电路,可将电荷转移,从∮而避免阀门开关时摩擦产生静电积聚或流体冲击阀体内腔产生静电积聚。这种静电积聚对一些危≡险区域内的管线来说是极其危险。

                1. Blow-out proof stem
                design Both stem and body are separated, the stem part connected with theball is integral and the gland can hold down the T type stem, whichcould protect the stem blown out.

                2. Anti-static device
                The anti-static device mainly used in the special ball vale. A groundplug installed on the stem to form the current path and charge transferwhen contacting with body and ball, in this way, it can avoid the build-up of static electricity due to friction or electrostatic accumulation fromfluid impacting on the body cavity when on and off valve. Thiselectrostatic accumulation is extremely dangerous in hazardous areas.




                Avoid external leakage
                In the normal circumstance, 0 ring and graphite gasket not only canstop the leakage from the stem but also ensure the sealing connectingbetween body and cover. If fire happened, the 0 ring will be bumed offand lose its function, but the graphite gasket of gland, body and stemcan replace the O ring to prevent leakage.

                Avoid internal leakage
                In case of fire, the non-metal material e.g.: 0 ring, soft seal seat andseat retainer ring will be broken down and melted, at this time, thesecond sealing metal seal lip is pushed up to contact the ball and stopleaking under the pre-tightening force of spring, which could lowerintemal leakage on the greatest extent. Moreover, the flexible graphitepackings compressed by seat ring can prevent the leakage betweenbody and seat ring.


                mergency sealant injection valve device
                Sealant in serted in the position of stem and seat ringfor the trunnion-mounted ball valve 6" and above 150 class. If thesealing material (Sealing ring or 0 ring) is broken down and melted inthe fire or other incident, the leakage from stem and seat ring can berestrained by injecting sealant to the valve, there is also a check valvethat can prepare to make a sealing.


                DBB (double-block -and-bleed) function
                The double seats of trunnion-mounted ball valve can individually isolateand block the flow of fluid from downstream to upstream, it can realizeDBB function. After closing the valve, the ball cavity and the both sidepipeline will be isolated and blocked even though the both sidesstressed from the fluid, the remaining medium could be released bythe vent valve.



                (P1),即OP*D1> FS,则球体和阀座预紧力接触确保密封。

                力(P1),即OP*D1> FS时,中腔压力将座圈轻微推开,使之与球㊣ 体之间产生一小间隙,这样内腔过载压力自动▆泄放到管线中,重新达到阀门中腔和管线(_上下游)的压△力平衡。

                If the pressure of cavity(PC) less than set ring spring pre-tightened

                Vice versa, If the pressure of cavity(PC) larger than set ring spring

                stres(FS) and fluid pressure(P1): OP*D10 FS, good sealing can be

                pre-tightened stress(FS) and fluid pressure(P1): OP*D1>FS,The

                realized when ball contacts with seat.

                body cavity pressure pushes slightly the seat ring away, and therewill be a ltte gap between seat ring and ball, in this way, theoverloading pressure will be bled off into the pipeline and achievepressure balance again.


                CLASS150, 300·PN16, 25,40   通径 Path 150-900mm(6"~38")

                CLASS400, 600·PN64, 100   通径 Path 50-750mm(2"~30")

                CLASS900, 1500·PN160,250  通径 Path 400-600mm(1-1/2"~24")


                使用温度: -29C~100C;-46C~150"C


                Pressure rating-- -The below working pressure refers to the maximum


                working pressure for carbon steel body. More details of all body material'sworking pressure and temperature, check the temperature and pressuretable.

                it: F:iS3TFE R:XtR N:/EJ

                Note:F: Reinforced TFE, R: Synthetic rubber, N: Nylon

                Basic design

                T8Ea -API6D;ANSIB16. 10;GB12221-05

                Face to face dimension according to API6D;ANSIB16. 10;GB12221-05Flange ends standard according to ASMEB16.5;MSS SP44;JB79-94

                itèt0t8 -ASMEB16.5;MSS- SP44;JB79-94

                Welding ends according to ASMEB31.8;ANSIB16.25

                #8 -ASMEB31.8;ANSIB16.25

                Working temperature 29%C- 100"C;-46'C~150"C